Josh's background includes building dozens of new pools with his brother Isaac from D&I Pools.  A great deal of information was gained by trenching ditches, wiring pool pumps, running gas lines, and staying alive in the ~115F sunshine.  The transition from building pools to becoming successful in the pool cleaning industry was instinctive and natural. 

In addition to building and servicing pools, Josh currently has the equipment to perform professional tile cleans, acid washes, and give onsite personal schooling to pool owners to teach them how to operate their pool and maintain their pool.  This is important because all pools are unique and need to be managed according to its specific equipment.  It is beneficial to have a variety of skill sets and the equipment to perform several tasks. 

Before attempting to service a pool, you must learn how to operate a pool properly to avoid equipment damage.  Do not turn a valve unless you know exactly what it does and which way to turn.  

If you are interested in getting real-world knowledge, you may ride along and train with Josh for $100 which will be for about 4 hours of work. Josh will go over all of the different pumps and how they operate, using different salt cells, how to properly use service equipment, testing and adding chemicals, and much more.  You will get an idea if this is the right business for you.  Work starts at 4:30am in the hot months and 9am in the cooler months.  

Eventually, I suggest that you become a Certified Pool Operator (CPO). Courses are approved by the National Swimming Pool Foundation (NSPF) and can be found locally.

We will talk about how to obtain new customers and how to retain them.  We will go over mapping your pool route, pool service techniques, purchasing chemicals and equipment, and how to use chemicals properly. We will engage customers to discuss their pool situations and to make sure they are satisfied with our service.

We will perform an overall check of the pool equipment and make sure systems are working perfectly.  We notate information regarding our completed visit onto a card within the customers pool panel and then will check all of their systems again, close gates, and secure their property.

A common question is "how long does it take to become a high-functioning and knowledgeable pool person?" Although it takes years to learn all types of pool equipment, you will get comfortable in a few weeks and get the general hang of things in a few months.  The most important attributes are: Showing up to service every pool each week with a good attitude, learning the variety of pool systems and equipment, and utilizing the knowledge of others to hone your skills.  It also helps to partner with a great source for chemicals and pool knowledge. 

I worked at Shawn's Pool Shop in San Tan Valley for a year which was helpful to learn a variety of skills.   I serviced Shawn's pools and worked in the shop as a Customer Service Technician.  Shawn's Pool Shop employs skilled repair and weekly pool service technicians who can contribute to your skill set.  It is good to obtain as much useful advice and real world experience as possible.

Professional pool service in San Tan Valley and Anthem in Florence, AZ

Pool School for the do-it-yourself POOL OWNER

Prospective Pool Service Technicians 

Pools are delicate and need precise care to last a lifetime.  Plus, each pool is unique and different than any other pool and needs its own personalized care schedule.  If you plan on caring for your pool yourself, Josh can go through your pool systems and equipment with you to make sure that you understand how everything works.  If you are not sure about which way a valve should turn do not turn the valve.  I have witnessed equipment damages by those who turn valves with good intentions and the outcome was an expensive repair. Just as important is understanding how to test, treat, and balance your pool by adding proper chemicals and the correct dosage.  If your pool turns green it can be expensive to return to clear again, especially if it remained green for a long period of time.  Pool school is offered onsite in San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, and parts of Florence, AZ.   



Pool School Includes:

1. Check time and scheduling of your pool equipment. Update clock and adjust pool scheduling as needed.

2. Review equipment and discuss features and how to use them.  Ie: Waterfall, aerator, cleaning system, etc.

3. Show how to clean and maintain pump and skimmer baskets.

4. How to choose and use cleaning equipment such as pole, net, and brush.

5. Keeping chlorine in your pool according to your unique pool and how chlorine requirements change year-round.

6. Learn which chemicals to use to balance Ph, control tile build up, treat/prevent algae, and remove phosphates.

7. Have a list of questions regarding you pool so that we can go over them together.  

Pool School is not currently available due to a full schedule.  You may contact Josh for a referral for Pool School.